Delivery with in 2 days
Rockwool Slab 50X600X1200mm 30kg³, Bag 10pcs
0.00 AED 0.0 AED
(per 10Sheets) Rockwool Slab is a highly effective natural insulating material
minimum Quantity required 300 sheets
pre order
Delivery with in 3 days
SAB Tex 2000 Rubberized Bitumen18kg
105.00 AED 105.00 AED 105.0 AED
High Performance Rubberized Bitumen Emulsion Coating
SAB® Tron Insulation System, Barjeel
105.00 AED 105.00 AED 105.0 AED
The RAK Green Building Regulation ( Barjeel )
Supply and apply the approved quality waterproofing system for the roofs (Combo Roofing System).

1- Polyurethane foam, 60mm thick, and density of 40-45 kg/m³. ( UV 0.3 W/m²K ).
2- Acrylic - Liquid UV protection coat (600mic.Thick).
3- Geotextile /Separation Layer 100 g/m²
4- expansion separator material Fiberboard -at least 10 mm thick & no more than 16 square meters
5- Concrete screed (20N/M³ - 300 OPC, 80mm AVE. Thick.) without (Ice&Fibre)
6- Angle fillet (cement sand mortar ).
7- Remove the filler board/flexible sheet -stage (4).
8- Expansion joint filter (Backing rod and Pu sealant).
9- Acrylic Topcoat final
pre order
SAB® Mineral
47.25 AED 47.25 AED 47.25 AED
Price per square meter for application
1-One coat of bituminous primed surface.
2-One layer of Membrane APP 4mm thick 180 g/m2
pre order
SAB Cementitious Wet Area Waterproofing System
36.75 AED 36.75 AED 36.75 AED
SAB® Cementitious (Wet Area Waterproofing System)
Supply and apply the approved quality liquid waterproofing Cementitious system for all wet areas:-
*Supply And Apply 2Coats Cementitious Waterproofing.
pre order
SAB Crystal 410
115.50 AED 115.50 AED 115.5 AED
SAB® Crystal 410 concentrate and one more other supporting material.
• As preparation:
• Cleaning scope of work area properly.
• Spraying the outer side with water, the Property of this material it needs wet area to make the required strong interaction.
• Puncture the surface by making tiny holes, this will ensure perfect absorption.
• Cleaning these small holes and insures it dry; taking into consideration the whole area is still wet.
pre order
68.25 AED 68.25 AED 68.25 AED
Removing & cleaning old waterproofing
polyurethane foam spray 30-35mm
acrylic top coat spray (LAITE GREEN)
pre order
Delivery with in 5 days
SAB Coat WP Acrylic Green 215 (25kg)
115.50 AED 115.50 AED 115.5 AED
Elastomeric Acrylic Waterproof & Protective Coating
SAB® Active(Polyurea)
393.75 AED 393.75 AED 393.75 AED
per square meter
One coat Polyurea waterproofing – 2.5~3 mm thk.
pre order
SAB® Pile Head Treatment & Insulation
294.00 AED 294.00 AED 294.0 AED
Supply and apply of approved quality system for pile head treatment and insulation 700 MM DIAMETER :-

1-Repair / Re profiling of all Pile Head with concrete.
2-Polymer-modified bituminous coating dressed
around the pile head and continuous or connected to
substructure waterproofing and chamber / angle fillet
considered in corners or edges of piles.
pre order
Delivery with in 5 days
SAB Coat HP Acrylic 213
196.35 AED 196.35 AED 196.35 AED
Delivery with in 1 days
SAB® Modiflex Green Cementitious Waterproofing CW 216
73.50 AED 73.50 AED 73.5 AED
Two Component Polymer Modified Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Coating
Delivery with in 5 days
SAB Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture 211
262.50 AED 262.50 AED 262.5 AED
is a state-of-the-art crystalline waterproofing admixture for concrete, available in powder form.
Delivery with in 3 days
Apoc Incredible Heavy Duty Tape (50') Fleece 4inch
315.00 AED 315.00 AED 315.0 AED
Delivery with in 3 days
Apoc Incredible Heavy Duty Tape (50') Fleece 6 inch
430.50 AED 430.50 AED 430.5 AED
Apoc Incredible Heavy Duty Tape - The Ultimate DIY and Construction Tool

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