SAB® Tron Insulation System 300 Combo System
Supply and apply of approved quality waterproofing system for the roof (Combo Roofing System).

1- Polyurethane foam, 30 mm thick and density 40-45 Kg/m3.
2- Acrylic - Liquid protection coat (600mic.Thick).
3- Geotextile /Separation Layer 100 g/m².
4- Filler board/flexible sheet.
5- Concrete screed (20N / MM² - 300 OPC, 80MM AVE. Thick.) without ice.
6- Angle fillet (cement sand mortar ).
7- Expansion joint filler (Backing rod + Pu sealant).
8- Acrylic Topcoat final. (light Green).
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Dr. Fixit 501 Silicon Sealant GPS 280ml
136.50 AED 136.50 AED 136.5 AED
SAB® Tron Insulation System (SZHP) 155 Combo roof
• Polyurethane foam for thermal insulation, 150-• • • •
• 155 mm thick and density, 45-50 Kg/m3.
• Liquid U.V protection coat (600mic.Thick).
• Geotextile /Separation Layer 120 g/m2
• Filler board/flexible sheet & cement stand mortar.
• Concrete screed (25N / MM2 - 300 OPC, 80MM AVE. Thick.) without ice.
• Angle fillet (cement sand mortar and SBR bonding agent).
• Expansion joint filter (Backing rod and Pu sealant).
• Acrylic Top coat final .
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Penetron PENEPLUG Crystalline Waterproofing Rapid Waterplug 18kg
840.00 AED 840.00 AED 840.0 AED
PENEPLUG® is a rapid setting, integral crystalline cementitious waterstop designed to stop active water leaks and moisture ingress.
Delivery with in 2 days
Delivery with in 3 days
PENEBAR SW-45 Rapid Concrete Joint Waterstop 30M
971.25 AED 971.25 AED 971.25 AED
is a unique bentonite infused butyl rubber sealing compound designed to expand rapidly when exposed to moisture
Delivery with in 2 days
Delivery with in 2 days
Pidilite Dr Fixit Pu Sealant, 600ml
278.25 AED 278.25 AED 278.25 AED
Price per carton /20tubes
is a one-part polyurethane joint sealant suitable for horizontal and vertical use.
Delivery with in 3 days
PENECRETE MORTAR Crystalline Waterproofing 22.7kg
456.75 AED 456.75 AED 456.75 AED
consists of Portland cement, specially treated quartz sand and a compound of active chemicals.
Delivery with in 3 days
Velosit CA 112 Crystalline Admixture 20kg/ Bag
399.00 AED 399.00 AED 399.0 AED
crystalline and hydrophobic waterproofing admixture for concrete
Delivery with in 2 days
Sodamco Weber Biplas - PL 4mm (10m²) APP modified bituminous membrane, Plain
133.35 AED 133.35 AED 133.35 AED
APP modified bituminous membrane - Plain
Delivery with in 2 days
Delivery with in 2 days
Bituminous Membrane NEOFELT 4mm 1mx10m
110.25 AED 110.25 AED 110.25 AED
Bituminous Membrane NEOFELT 4mm 1x10 m2
Fiber Reinforced Polymer Modified Bituminous Membrane
Delivery with in 3 days
AWAZEL DS40 250 APP Bitumen Membranes
176.40 AED 176.40 AED 176.4 AED
APP Modified bituminous membrane, reinforced with non woven polyester mat The polyester combines high tensile strength and elongation
Delivery with in 2 days
Bituminous Membrane NEOFLEX Mineral 4mm
120.75 AED 120.75 AED 120.75 AED
APP Modified Bituminous Membrane, Reinforced with Non Woven Polyester Mat

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