SAB® Crystal 410
Crystalline Waterproofing
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SAB®  Crystal 410
Shams Al bawadi Insulation Systems L.L.C, Kassem Ghatrif
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SAB® Crystal 410is a unique sealing compound designed to expand rapidly when exposed to moisture making it a self-healing joint material for construction joint applications.

SAB®Crystal 410 methodology

As preparation:
  • Cleaning scope of work area properly.
  • Spraying the outer side with water, the Property of this material it needs wet area to make the required strong interaction. 
  • Puncture the surface by making tiny holes, this will ensure perfect absorption.
  • Cleaning these small holes and insures it dry; taking into consideration the whole area is still wet. 
How to implement: 
  • Mixing SAB®Crystal 410 concentrate with desalinated water, in this standard : each one amount of water requires three amounts of this material. The blended quantity should be using within 30 minutes.
  • Then we start to fill the holes with this mixture and smoothing these holes to be matching with the whole surface.
  • Treating the joint area between water tank ground and walls. 
  • As final step: implement the supporting material over these holes within 6 hours at latest.

 SAB®Crystal 410 specification:

professional performing this system will form integral part from the concrete slab even in slab crash cases.

  • Its implementation could be on any concrete slab sides.
  • Water proofing system and having high resistance against chemicals materials. 
  • Effective against hydrostatic pressure.
  • Easy to apply with shortage time and cost.
  • Doesn’t weaken the concrete or breaking it.
  • Doesn’t need any extra protection after execution. 
  • Minimizing the existing cracks.
  • Non poison as well as eco-friendly. So it is safe to be used as a waterproofing material inside or outside the water tank.
  • Protect the concrete slab and the inner supporting iron.
  • Lightweight materials moreover, it can be used even on an old concrete without adding an extra weight. While in other insulation system we have to consider this matter specifically.


Crystalline Waterproofing


Open to foot traffic after 4 hours

Self healing

Self healing properties of up to 0.4 mm static cracks

Shrinkage compensated

Shrinkage compensated, no spider-web cracking

Good resistance

Good resistance against aggressive media with a pH range of 3-12 and against soft water with low ion content


Good weathering resistance


Crystalline Waterproofing

Water curing

Water curing only under hot and dry conditions required for 4 hours

Unsurpassed strength development

Unsurpassed strength development with more than 20 MPa (2900 psi) after 24 h and more than 50 MPa (7250 psi) after 28 days

adhesive strength

Extreme adhesive strength (concrete failure)

Potable water

Potable water approved


Good sulfate resistance

Method Of Application

SAB®  Crystal 410
Shams Al bawadi Insulation Systems L.L.C, Kassem Ghatrif 5 June, 2024
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