Episode 52 - FAQ in the Insulation World - (Season 2 Finale) - Hour with Shams Al-Bawadi

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In the final episode of Season 2, "Hour with Shams Al-Bawadi" will address the frequently asked questions in the world of insulation. This episode aims to provide answers and insights into common queries related to insulation materials, techniques, and best practices.

The host, Shams Al-Bawadi, will discuss various topics such as the different types of insulation, their benefits, and their suitability for different applications. The episode will also cover frequently asked questions about insulation installation, maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Join us for this informative and comprehensive discussion on insulation-related questions. Gain valuable knowledge and get answers to your queries in the world of insulation.

What is the importance of insulation in the construction sector?
What are the types of insulation used in construction?
How is the insulation process properly executed?
What are the common problems that can occur in the insulation process and how can they be avoided?
What are the necessary standards and guidelines to achieve effective insulation?
What are the benefits of using advanced insulation systems?
How can the quality of insulation used in buildings be evaluated?
What are the recent innovations in the field of insulation?
How can the thermal and sound insulation efficiency in buildings be improved?
What are the basic steps for properly implementing a combo roof insulation system?

Date & Time
July 24, 2023
3:00 PM 4:00 PM Asia/Dubai

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